Employment Opportunites

At Hamel Contracting, we strive to do construction better— creating a streamlined, reliable, and attentive experience for school districts, city governments, and private ownership groups alike. Our industry success can be attributed to our “dedication built to last” and building a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and support. Simply, our goal is to construct superior projects with exceptional service that are completed both on time and within budget.

For human resources, please email our HR Department at hr@hamelinc.com.

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    Company Culture

    At Hamel, we have a culture deeply rooted in a strong sense of family, and a dedication to doing things right the first time. Our culture supports a team-first mentality and drives each employee to be innovative, hardworking, and compassionate, all while maintaining a high level of respect for others. We strongly believe that our identity is expressed by how we treat each other, and anyone we have the pleasure to work with. With a progressive work atmosphere, combined with exceptional personal benefits, each member of our team has the ability to work at a high level of efficiency, and have the potential to grow professionally. In order to create a healthy work-life balance, our company has many unique events including annual barbeques, cornhole tournaments, fishing trips, themed casual Fridays, and seasonal parties. At Hamel, we don’t only have a dedication to our work, but to our employees as well.

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