Project Details

Project Location: Idyllwild, CA
APPROX. PROJECT Cost: $4,300,000
ProjectED DURATION: 20 Months
Actual duration: 20 Months

Project Description

Unlike most general contractors in Southern California, Hamel Contracting has experience working in various weather conditions such as rain and snow. This means when severe weather comes your way, you can count on your project with Hamel Contracting to move forward with little-to-no delay.

The academy aspired to create a world-class performance hall for orchestral music, but it’s budget was extremely lean— ultimately translating into $4.3 million in construction costs for an 8,150 square foot building. Hamel Contracting’s dedication to building a long-lasting relationship with the client made it possible to spend the extra time to creatively fit the project scope on budget without sacrificing the quality the project demanded. There was a continuous melding of aesthetics, acoustics, structure, and sense of place. This synergistic design process resulted in a state-of-the- art hall that fits comfortably in it’s laid-back campus.

The 4×8 inch wood ribs that arch up the side walls and across the ceilings of the performance space are slightly offset to evoke a forest of trees. This attention to detail in construction gave the structure the ability to scatter the sound and create cleaner acoustics for the performers. The concert hall is sheathed in weathering steel. The panels have an irregular topography derived from an abstracted musical phrase by composer Richard James. The rusted skin also alludes to the surrounding landscape of folded rock.